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5th COVID-19 Vaccine now available to book online in selected Pharmacies.

As we head into winter this year, the government's message is protect yourself. But not everyone will be able to get a fifth shot straight away. Here's what Health Minister Mark Butler had to say following advice from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI). 

Am I eligible for a fifth COVID-19 vaccine?

All people aged 18 and over, who have not had either a COVID-19 vaccine or confirmed coronavirus case in the past six months, can get their latest shot.

Previously, a fifth dose was only available in Australia to adults who were severely immunocompromised.

ATAGI has particularly recommended that anyone at risk of severe illness – that is, everyone aged 65 years and over as well as younger adults who have medical comorbidities, disability or complex health needs – have a 2023 booster dose.

Meanwhile, the announcement has also opened up fourth doses to Australians aged 18-29. 

Previously, only those considered most at risk of severe illness or aged 30 and over were eligible for a fourth dose.

Who is not eligible for the fifth COVID-19 vaccine?

An additional booster will not be provided to Australians under 18 at this stage, except where children aged five to 17 have health conditions that would put them at risk of severe illness. 

What has ATAGI said about future boosters?

ATAGI has said "ongoing surveillance of COVID-19 infection rates, new variants and vaccine effectiveness will determine any future recommendations it makes concerning additional booster doses".

Will the booster protect me from the Omicron variant?

While the original vaccines do offer good protection, newer formulas designed to target the Omicron variant offer a bit more protection.

ATAGI has said while all COVID-19 booster shots are beneficial, Omicron-specific mRNA vaccines are preferred.
Vaccines don't eliminate your risk of getting COVID-19, but they do dramatically reduce the risk of severe disease and death if you do get infected.

The government currently has 4 million Omicron-specific booster doses available, according to the health minister, with another 10 million expected to arrive this month.

"From February 20, all adults who haven't had a booster or an infection in the past six months can go out and get a booster shot to give them additional protection against severe illness from COVID," Mr Butler said.

"If you're 65 or over, or you're an adult at risk of severe COVID illness, and it's been six months since your last booster or infection, it's now time for a booster."

How many people have had each dose in Australia? 

When it comes to the first vaccine, about 20 million people have had it, according to data from the Department of Health and Aged Care. 

And about 19.8 million people have gone back for their second dose. Of those eligible, 14.3 million people have had their third dose.

Data shows 5.4 million people have had a fourth vaccine.


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