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Injury Prevention

An injury can stop you from enjoying your everyday activities. Injuries often occur within the sports and fitness setting, which includes not only the weather, but also the facilities, surfaces and equipment being used. It is important to understand how to effectively prevent and manage injuries so you can keep on moving.

The top tips for injury prevention are:

  • Check the sporting environment for slippery surfaces or trip hazards.

  • Drink enough water.

  • Use correct technique.

  • Stretch before and after exercising.

  • Wear appropriate protective equipment.

  • Support any existing injuries.

One of the easiest ways to help avoid exercise related injuries is to stretch. By warming up your muscles, you make them more flexible. Check out ‘Get Healthy’ short stretches you can perform prior to exercise to help reduce the risk of injury. Satisfactory fluid intake is also important; rather cool drinks should be taken before, during and after playing sport.

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