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Medication Packs – Affordable. Trusted. Experienced. Locals.

Chemist King Hectorville is privileged to dispense and manage medication for more than 4,000 South Australians in residential facilities and community-based care. We are a NDIS-registered provider with significant experience in supporting clients with complex pharmacy and medication requirements. We work hand-in-hand with doctors, nurses, care providers, and family partners to ensure every client’s health is the best it can be.

Chemist King Hectorville would like to be the pharmacy partner of choice for you and the people you care for. We would love to meet you, look after you and build a partnership that lasts a lifetime. Please get in touch with us to explore and experience all that Chemist King can offer. Michael Auciello, Chemist King, Hectorville, and team.

Unparallelled local experience in pharmacy & medication services for residential & community-based clients

Meeting the healthcare needs of our customers

Chemist King is committed to the health and well-being of all our clients. From community pharmacies to care packages and specialist NDIS support programs, Chemist King tailors its services to ensure every client and care partner receives the highest level of support.

A large local network of stores stocking the widest range of medications and OTC products at the lowest prices

Specialised disability services provider, helping clients and carers manage their NDIS programs safely, economically, and effectively

Quality Care Pharmacy Standard Accreditation and NDIS Safety Commission Accreditation 

Highly experienced & expertly trained pharmacy staff that work hand-in-hand with your doctors and healthcare partners in residential, disability, and community-based care

State-of-the-art medication packaging robots, securely scan and dispense medications for over 4,000 South Australians

24-hour pharmacist-supported hotline and 7-day-per-week medication deliveries from specialty medication delivery staff


One of the largest retail discount pharmacy groups in South Australia with state-of-the-art medication packaging services, Chemist King delivers “big box” savings to its customers via a team of highly qualified and caring health care professionals.

A wide range of free services exclusive to
Chemist King clients & partners, including: 

•  30-day accounts

•  24-hour emergency pharmacy access

•  24-hour access to pharmacist advice

•  Weekly medication sachet preparation

•  Client medication and clinical reviews

•  Medication delivery for clients in care

•  No packaging or service fees

•  Script and safety net management

•  Cost reduction programs

•  Free delivery services

Large metro and regional networks of large retail stores offer the widest range with the lowest prices

Free access to our online medication portal to view medication and pharmacy accounts from home

Commitment to compliance and organisational excellence, including chart preparation, staff education, online communication, and error reduction programs


Caring and affordable pharmacy services

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