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Cold and Flu? Here’s the difference.


Chest Discomfort  (symptom) 

Colds: Mild to moderate, hacking cough

Flu: Common, can become severe


Extreme Exhaustion (symptom)

Colds: Never

Flu: Usual, at the beginning of illness


Fever (symptom) 

Colds: Rare

Flu: Usual, lasts 3 to 4 days


Headache (symptom)

Colds: Rare

Flu: Common


Fatigue (symptom)

Colds: Sometimes

Flu: Usual, can last up to 2 to 3 weeks


Sore Throat (symptom)

Colds: Common

Flu: Sometimes


Body Aches (symptom)

Colds: Slight

Flu: Usual, often severe


Sneezing (symptom)

Colds: Usual

Flu: Sometimes

Antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infections. They won’t work for colds and flu, which are caused by viruses. Prevention of colds and the flu is the best defence, and no treatment can resolve all the symptoms. Your local Chemist King Pharmacist is on hand to provide support and advice. Visit a store today!

Plan your prevention plan with your Chemist King Pharmacist

Flu Vaccination

Getting the flu shot once a year is the single best way you can protect yourself from the flu. It’s easy to get your flu shot at Chemist King, just ask your local Chemist King Pharmacist or book online to arrange a time to receive the most up to date vaccine.


The flu vaccine will help to protect against the worst of the flu strains, but it won’t prevent you from catching a cold. Your Chemist King Pharmacist can help protect you from a cold with a personalised prevention plan. Extra vigilance on hygiene can limit the spread of colds. Disposing of used tissues, disinfecting surfaces and good hand hygiene will all help prevent the spread of colds.

Care Regime

If you develop symptoms of a cold, your Chemist King Pharmacist can help you with a personalise care regime to optimally treat your symptoms. Such as a runny nose, blocked nose, dry cough, chesty cough, fever, chills, fatigue, headaches, body aches and sweating.

Our Chemist King Pharmacists can also provide you with an absence from work certificate if appropriate. Visit

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