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How to Prevent Scarring

Leaving wounds uncovered or using standard adhesive bandages or dressings usually lead into development of a scab which can lead to unpleasant scars. Nowadays there is a lot can you do to ensure fast and speedy recovery if you have suffered from any harm to your skin. The best way to treat a wound is to keep it covered with an adhesive bandage or dressing that always provides moist wound healing conditions. 

Why is this better than letting your skin heal in dry air?

  • It will speed up the repair of your skin.

  • It will prevent scabs from forming. 

  • Because it will keep your wound supple.

  • Because it will reduce the risk of scarring and ensure healing.

  • Because it is skin friendly.


Carefully read the instructions for use given in our products‘ packages. Important: consult a health professional in case of any uncertainty of treating your wound properly. Visit for more information.

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