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All Chemist King Discount Pharmacies we are here to make your life easier (and safer). We accept E-Prescriptions as well as paper prescriptions. An E-Prescription (or e-script) is a digital version of a paper prescription that you may receive via email or SMS. Continue reading below to find out more about E-Prescriptions.

To make life even more convenient, download the MedAdvisor app and choose your favourite Chemist King store. 


Below are some frequently asked questions. For further assistance please speak to your friendly Chemist King team.

What is an electronic prescription?

eScripts are electronic prescriptions and are an alternative to paper prescriptions. eScripts are available from all participating health providers.

How does it work?


During your consultation, your doctor will send your e-script to you via SMS or email.


You will receive a QR code (‘token’) for each medication, you are prescribed. We recommend managing these tokens through the MedAdvisor APP.

If you have repeats, a new SMS or email will be sent to you after your first round of medication is dispensed.

After you have received your token either present or send this token to your local Chemist King pharmacist.

You can also order your medication through the MedAdvisor APP, reducing wait times when in-store.

What are the benefits?

• No lost prescriptions

• Accessible anywhere, anytime

• Makes prescribing and dispensing medicines more efficient

• Reduces prescribing and dispensing errors

• Maintains patient privacy and integrity of personal information

• Supports digital health services such as MedAdvisor

• Supports electronic medication charts in hospitals and residential aged care facilities

Is it secure?

Yes, you can feel confident that your personal details will remain safe within this secure and encrypted system set up by the Australian Government.

Can I still use paper-based scripts?

Yes. Paper-based scripts will continue to be accepted at all Chemist King Stores, however, paper scripts cannot be converted into e-scripts.

Where can I fill my e-scripts?

E-Scripts can be filled at any Chemist King Discount Pharmacy.

Tips to prepare yourself for e-scripts

• Check your local GP is able to provide an electronic prescription.

• Ensure your address, email address and mobile number are up to date with your doctor and pharmacy.

• It is best to check you have received your token before you leave the Doctor's.

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