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FREE Medication Packs*

For more than 20 years, Chemist King has been delivering the highest quality, lowest priced medication and pharmacy products to its communities in SA. Locally owned by local pharmacists, our clients enjoy affordable prescriptions & OTC products, expert care from our experienced team, and a genuine partner that cares for them, their health, and their well-being.

Taking medicines can be difficult.

Many people need to take several tablets and capsules every day, but it can be difficult to remember to always take all these medicines as prescribed by the doctor. Clearly, medicines don’t work correctly when they’re not taken as intended. Missed or extra doses can result in extra health problems, falls, hospitalisations, and other potentially serious adverse effects.


How does Webster-pak work?

Webster-pak solutions work by having your Chemist King pharmacists dispense all your medicines needed for each day of the week into blister compartments of a Webster-pak, which is then sealed to prevent spilling or mixing up the medicines. 

The pack also lists all contents plus other current medicines such as liquids or creams. This provides vital information for hospital or emergency staff and family and friends. To take the medicines, simply push the blister’s contents through the foil backing. With Webster-pak it’s always easy to see where you’re up to and whether medication has been taken incorrectly. If you have poor eyesight or arthritis, the Pil-Bob makes it even easier to remove medication from a Webster-pak. The Pil-Bob is compact, light, and easy to hold. Simply push the Pil-Bob upward through the back of the foil and the medication is released into the Pil-Bob container, helping to prevent spills.


Solutions for different needs

The Webster-pak system also offers high-contrast packs for those with low vision, bilingual packs with translated dosage times, and packs for children, travelers, and people with disabilities.

Webster-pak enables many people to enjoy a better quality of life by living independently and managing their own medication.


Why do Webster-pak solutions work so well?

  • Simple, convenient, and portable

  • Reduces error and waste.

  • A visible reminder to take medication.

  • Easy to check that medication is taken.

  • Suitable for all age groups

  • At Chemist King we offer Webster-pak packing for FREE*


*FREE Webster-pak offer only at participating locations. Click below for store locations and services.

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