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Affordable Pet Scripts

At Chemist King we aim to make managing your pet’s health easier and significantly more affordable. To order your pet’s medication in our stores we require a prescription from your vet.

Our Pet Medication

When purchasing prescription medication at Chemist Kings stores:

  • All medication available is registered with the Australian Government (TGA or APVMA) or prepared by an Australian registered compounding pharmacist,

  • All medication supplied is processed and dispensed by Australian-registered pharmacists.

So, to fulfill all your Pet Scripts, visit any of our Chemist King stores for affordable prices!

Compounding Pet Scripts

Giving medications to your pet may be a challenge. Our compounding pharmacists have worked alongside with vets to develop products for all sorts of animals to make medication dosing easier. All medications are tailored and specifically made to meet the needs of you and your animal.

We make the following at the Welland Chemist King store:

  • Transdermal treatment for pain

  • Transdermal treatment for hyperthyroidism

  • Heart conditions (cardiovascular)

  • Inflammation pain/Arthritis

  • Scaly and itchy rashes (atopic dermatitis)

  • Stomach upset & vomiting

  • Gastrointestinal stasis

  • Mega-colon

  • High cortisol levels (Cushing's Disease)

  • Low cortisol levels (Addison’s Disease)

  • Seizure control

  • Animal-specific flavouring (chicken, beef, liver, tuna, etc…)

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